Catch a Chronic Illness

If you don’t have a chronic illness, I suggest you find one, grab hold of it, and hand over control. Life is much simpler when you have something legitimate to blame.

  1. If you feel like cutting out of work early, your illness is the best excuse to walk out in the middle of your shift, head held low in shame.
  2. If you wake up in the morning in so much pain that you cannot move, you can have your spouse call in for you; then you’ll have the whole day free to hurt in peace.
  3. When you decide your place of employment expects too much of you, you can apply for intermittent leave; if you’re approved, you’ll have as many days off a week as you want to cry, and question your value as a productive member of society.
  4. When you realize a life of leisure is better than punching a time clock, quit your job; questioning your value as a member of your family is only a small side-effect of giving up your job/career/income. Money…who needs it? Fulfillment…that’s what Netflix is for.
  5. Did you make plans with your friends, then decide you aren’t well enough to even shower and dress in grown up clothes? Chronic Illness will get you out of that dinner you’ve been looking forward to.
  6. Your daughter is playing her last band concert as a senior in high school? The chronic pain will excuse you from attending. You were never proud of her, anyway.
  7. Don’t feel like fucking your husband? Chronic pain.
  8. Don’t feel like grocery shopping? Or cooking a meal for your family? Chronic pain.
  9. Travelling to Grandma’s for Christmas is going to be a drag? Chronic pain.
  10. Too lazy to tie your own fucking shoes???

The benefits are limitless. Yes, you’ll have to explain yourself to your friends and family who are too goddamned ignorant or uncaring to understand. But fuck them. This is about you. Everything is about you, as it should be. Because you’re special–too goddamned good. This is your life, after all.

Published by Kindra M. Austin

Author of fiction, poetry, and very sweary social commentary. Editor, and co-founder of Indie Blu(e) Publishing. Co-founder of Blood Into Ink, and Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen.

25 thoughts on “Catch a Chronic Illness

  1. Chronic illness isn’t any fun! It is so frustrating. I have been dealing with MS for 16 years and deal with so much pain. I started my blog a month and a half ago. It has been a great thing for me as I have been able to connect with so many great people that understand me. I look forward to more of your posts! Take care!

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    1. Thank you for reading me, and taking the time to leave your thoughts. I’m sending you love and peace. And I will be checking out your blog. ❤


      1. Oh you are more than welcome! Thank you for sending my love and peace. That is very appreciated! I hope my blog will be of interest to you. I am literally writing from the heart! I hope you have a good evening!!

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  2. The title… it makes me want to take a chronic illness and put it in my pocket, (like the song) or better still, I’d put it into one of those incinerator things. I’d burn your chronic illness right up so it’d be gone forevaaa. Bastard of a thing.

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    1. Another reason I love you so much–you’re a beautiful, FEELING human being. And that does make me feel better. ❤


  3. Passionately put, Kindra. Doing these things are difficult enough without any extra pain to cope with — mental, physical, or both. But sometimes a little selfishness goes a long way.

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    1. One thing I can say wholeheartedly, is now that I don’t punch a clock, I can fully concentrate on my writing career, and that is a gift.

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      1. I hear you! It was the best thing I did too. Corporate life was so stifling for my creativity. I would rather die fast and write, than be killed slowly by passionless work. Now I just gotta figure out how to make it work!

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        1. Right on! You have guts, and that is one of things that is so important to have. Another is talent, which you DO have. I think you are a stunning writer, David. I am so happy that a talent like you recognizes his need to branch out in the world. ❤ Not only his need, but his passion.

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          1. I return the sentiment! These are encouraging words indeed from someone who has already taken such bold steps to grab life and not let go of her desires. Thank you. Keep seizing life, Kindra, and squeezing and writing the fuck out of it. It may be the only one we have.

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