For the greater good



your god

hide your sex

hide your red heart

and hide your unholy race

shut your mouth or eat the shit

sit on your righteous hands or be killed

conform to hate or be named a fucking terrorist




Published by Kindra M. Austin

Author of fiction, poetry, and very sweary social commentary. Editor, and co-founder of Indie Blu(e) Publishing. Co-founder of Blood Into Ink, and Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen.

15 thoughts on “For the greater good

  1. It’s very much the same in the UK. The television and print media are full of vicious bias. There is no objectivity anywhere. Political corruption has finally openly reared it’s ugly head here for all to see, not just speculate on.
    These are dark times for the human race.


  2. Let’s not. Let’s not be silent, yet commit to treating each other with goodwill and respect while using our diverse voices. Oh…and a little humility thrown in will go far, because we realize we are in this together, and are bound in our humanity. Hating that we are all feeling this way, so let’s just stop – not our voices, but our hatred. HUGS.

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  3. I believe we are past the point of governing ourselves. Actually, I do not believe we were ever capable of this responsibility.


    1. It’s about the current state of our country. People who stand up against racism, sexism, people who do not worship the Christian God, people who are fed up with Israel, and war–we’re labeled as un-American, or as terrorists. It seems to me these days that Hatred rules, and if you aren’t hating the all of the same people, you are not American, or you don’t have the best interests of America at heart.


        1. No, it isn’t. I’m so thoroughly disgusted with hatred. I can’t stand the news right now. I can’t stand social media. People are so caught up in their personal views, they are quick to kick others who believe differently. Different does not equate to wrong doing–immoral behavior. This presidential election is turning out to be the fucking worst! I am hurt, and stunned by some of my family and friends–the hatred and intolerance they display. And with such pride! Abhorrent pride. Do you know I have lost readers here on WordPress because of my views? I have been personally attacked by friends! for being a “bleeding heart liberal.” I’m just sick over all of these phobias. All of this intolerance. Desensitization. Damn it.

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          1. There might not be an entirely elegant way for a liberal polity (by which I simply mean the kind of polity we have – by “liberal” I simply mean a society that champions freedom and individual rights, not “left”: both left and right play in classical liberal waters) to talk to itself without there being much bruising and abrasions and fallout. Civility is important, but sometimes it only gets us so far,and prevents people from saying what needs to be communicated. That said,

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          2. (typing on a phone) that said, people need to be wary of when they open the gate to speak frankly, because it can create a situation in which discourse becomes impossible due to toxicity.

            In order for a classical liberal society to be truly free, it needs to cultivate citizens who are capable of governing themselves. It’s not clear that we can do that. Most people follow scripts, and seem unable to do much more than poorly recycle talking points or emote their convictions. This kind of situation requires management, and that’s what we got – our debates, our opinions, our hatreds, our conservative or progressive causes, are grown in labs, and we act like good consumers, and crusade as we’re directed.

            If we cannot learn to govern ourselves, this kind of situation will only get more managed, and so get worse.

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          3. I agree with you 100% and for the record, I would like to say that I am not hard left on several social/political issues. THAT being said, I never dilute my opinions, for good or for ill.

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